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400ci A4 Colour MFP
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400ci A4 Colour MFP

40 pages/min with this colour A4 multifunctional device. Offers copy, print, scan and fax as standard.
400ci A4 Colour MFP
Do you need a reliably high level of colour quality in A4 format? Do you often have to convert complex print jobs into impressive handouts? Do you also maintain digital archives? Are you looking for a way to find scanned documents quickly and without hassle using a keyword search*? The new 400ci can master all of these challenges for you and many more!
Device optional extras & consumables
DT-5100 Document tray
JS-5100 Job separator
MT-5100 Multi Tray 1+5-bin *1)
DF-5100 300 sheet finisher (built-in)
AK-5100 Attachment kit w/ 100 sh. Tray
PF-5130 2 x 500 sheet cassette *2)
PF-5140 2.000 sheet cassette *2)
IB-50 Gigabit Ethernet Card
IB-51 Wireless NIC
UG-33 ThinPrint Kit
PCL Barcode SD 3 Card • Type D
PCL Multicode SD 3 Card Type D
Data Security Kit ( E )
Card Authentication Kit (B)
Card Reader Holder 11
Cabinet No. 74 [high]
Cabinet No. 75 [low]
SH-10 Staple cartridge
MK-3140 Maintenance kit for DP
DP-5100 Document Processor [RADF]
DP-5110 Document Processor [Dual Scan]
DF-5110 1.000 sheet finisher *1)
DF-5120 3.200 sheet finisher *1)
PH-5110 Punch unit for DF-5110
UG-34 Emulation Upgrade Kit
FAX System 10
Internet Fax Kit (A)
Scan Extension Kit (A)
MK-5200 Maintenance Kit [DP-5110]
MK-5215A Maintenance Kit
MK-5215B Maintenance Kit
CK-5512K • Copy Kit black
CK-5512C • Copy Kit cyan
CK-5512M • Copy Kit magenta
CK-5512Y • Copy Kit yellow
WT-5191 Toner disposal tank
CK-5511K • Copy Kit black
CK-5511C • Copy Kit cyan
CK-5511M • Copy Kit magenta
CK-5511Y • Copy Kit yellow