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As there are so many options available to you, choosing a new photocopier can be an incredibly in-depth process. This buying guide has been created to make the process simple. We will be offering a basic overview of the various TA Triumph-Adler functions available so you can make an informed decision about the right product for you and your business. We hope you find our guide useful.

Just a Copier?

Most modern copiers aren't actually just copiers at all. Known as Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) they can be connected to your network to offer printing, scanning and faxing in addition to traditional copying. These Multi-Function machines are vital for today’s fast paced businesses. Whilst standard copiers are still available, they can often be upgraded at a later stage to add the print, scan or fax function or be a useful addition as your business requirements change.

Professional Colour

Establish if you need a colour or a mono (black and white) device. Although consumables for colour devices will cost you more, adding a splash of colour can really enhance the presentation of your document. Some colour devices can be used to produce black and white prints and copies as well as colour simultaneously. Another worthwhile consideration is to keep in mind that it may be possible to disable the colour functionality if you don’t have a current requirement but will do in the future.

To decide if colour is right for you, try to envisage your colour requirement for the future. Remember to take into account outsourced jobs such as your company letterhead or invoice headers. Often there is an opportunity to save money by bringing such outsourcing in-house and using your MFD to produce your business stationery.

Do you have a requirement for a high speed machine?

Copy speed is measured in copies per minute (cpm) and print speed in prints per minute (ppm). Both cpm and ppm are calculated on the number of A4 pages produced. The main factor governing productivity, and ultimately efficiency, is the speed of the device. A slower machine may cost less but turnaround time for individual print runs may not be viable for your business. 

Flexible Machine Options and Add-ons. The following items can be added to some of our devices or are included as standard:

Automatic feeders: Being able to put a pile of documents to be photocopied straight into an automatic document feeder allows you to automate a labour-intensive process. You just press the button to photocopy and the automatic document feeder does the rest. You may also want to copy a significant number of double-sided originals. In this case, a re-circulating automatic document feeder will automatically copy and turn the pages over for you.

Sorting and finishing: The smarter digital photocopiers can sort sets of documents without any limitation on numbers, simply placing one set of copies at right angles to the next. As the photocopier can do this almost indefinitely, you are not limited by the number of physically separate sorting trays.

Automatic finishing which often comes at additional cost, can pay for itself rapidly if you photocopy many multi-page documents. Examples include automatic staplers, three-hole punches, and attachments to fold paper.

Paper supply: You may need a different number of paper trays or sources, depending on the volumes and varieties of copies you need to produce. From a minimum of one fixed-size and one or two adjustable-size paper trays, capacity usually starts at between 50 and 100 sheets of paper and can go up to as much as 3000.

To alleviate the potential problem of heavy paper stocks jamming in the machine if you try to put it in via a standard paper tray, many copiers have a bypass facility whereby these kinds of paper can be fed directly in without making it go around the usual, more circuitous route.

Value For Money

We understand that Photocopiers are not an outlay to take lightly, and should be considered as an investment.

Our customers are at the heart of the services we provide. We offer them comprehensive solutions for all document related issues. Our services are presented with the highest standards of professionalism, particularly in terms of quality and reliability. Our pricing is fair and reasonable.

Establishing The Entire Cost of Ownership

TA Triumph-Adler don’t sell ink-jet printers. Did you know that whilst the initial purchase price of an ink-jet can be low, the speed, reliability and running costs simply do not match the requirements and budget of a professional organisation? The consumables for ink-jet copiers have a far higher per-unit cost – 5 to 10 times as much per page.

Instead of relying solely on purchase price, look at an MFP's total cost of ownership - in other words, what it costs not only to buy, but also to run the device over the course of its lifetime, factoring in servicing, replacement parts and supplies cost per page.

If you buy the cheapest MFP you can find without considering factors other than price alone, that slight difference in price can be eaten up (and more) by a product that is less reliable, requires more user intervention, doesn't have a feature you use (such as finishing or colour capability) so that you still have to send jobs out to print shops, doesn't default to energy and resource saving modes (such as sleep mode, duplex mode, toner save mode, etc.). Being armed with information about your own company's workflow requirements can help you make more informed decisions about which products deliver the best value.

Considering Leasing or Purchasing Outright?

There are generally 2 options available to you when paying for your photocopier; outright purchase and lease/rental. Outright purchase means paying the full price for the machine and any selected options up front.

The other option is lease/rental. One of the big advantages with this is to avoid tying up capital. Lease agreements may also include possibilities to upgrade the model to a new photocopier, without having to pay the total amount again.

Naturally, if you opt for lease/rental, a copier it is more expensive over time because of the built-in interest payments. There may also be per-copy charges, which may in turn be subject to monthly minimums. Take great care to read and understand leasing agreements before signing. Some may be very restrictive, whereas others may allow you to opt out easily if you do not want to or cannot afford the monthly payments.


The arrangements for maintenance contracts vary but if you lease or rent your photocopier, it is likely that you will also enter into an ongoing service arrangement. Consider these points when assessing contracts:

·         Will you have to pay a fixed monthly fee, a fee based on the volume of usage or both?

·         How long will it take to send out a technician if the photocopier breaks down?

·         Will the contract cover the cost of parts and labour if the photocopier needs to be repaired?

·         At what cost will the photocopier consumables (toner, ink, etc) be supplied?

It is possible to arrange a pay as you go contract, where costs are only incurred if the photocopier needs attention. This type of arrangement makes more sense for cheaper machines or those which are only used at a fraction of their capacity as the callout and repair fees are generally higher and so you are bearing a greater financial risk.

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